Grooming Service near Corona

Since 1971, Chino’s Caring Kennel has been delivering the greatest care to our canine and feline neighbors in Corona. We are delighted to be a locally run and locally owned boarding and grooming facility because the people, dogs, and cats of this community are our number one passion. Our licensed, insured, and bonded company employs only the most compassionate, reliable, and honest individuals, and we are well-known for the exceptional animal care we provide. We can’t wait to meet you and your pet, call us now or stop by at your convenience for a personal tour!

Nearby Corona Grooming Service

When you want to take your pet to local groomers that genuinely care, you’ll want to choose our unmatched grooming service. Not only does our all-inclusive selection of services cater to cats and dogs with unique concerns like fleas, skin conditions, difficult coats, and more, but we also offer a variety of custom options for those who want to take their pet’s special treatment to a new level. It can be tough to narrow down the options when you start looking into local cat and dog grooming. However, it’s important that you find a groomer in Corona that takes an individualized approach to grooming each and every special pet. Chino’s Caring Kennel gives all pets the highest level of personal care!

We’ve been meeting the grooming needs of cats and dogs of all sizes and breeds for decades. Our expert groomers near you take great pleasure in assisting the pets and people in the area, and Corona pet parents frequently refer their loved ones to our local business. When your pet comes to our facilities to be groomed, you can rest assured that the result will be impeccable. Every groomer on our staff possesses the knowledge, experience, and compassion to exceed our customers’ expectations. We’re here to help with everything from simple baths and brushing to complex cuts and medicated baths and beyond! Our Southern California Professional Grooming Association groomers are the best of the best, and we know you’ll soon agree!

We consider it an honor to provide your pet with a well-deserved, renewing, and peaceful spa day, which may include optional services like:


Nail Grinding

Teeth Brushing

Blueberry Facials

Flea Control

Specialty Shampoos & Conditioners for Pets with Skin Conditions

Spa Packages

And More!

Because pets, like their parents, are one-of-a-kind individuals, no two dogs or cats will have the same grooming requirements. It’s an honor to customize a grooming visit that addresses any issues your pet may have, makes your pet look and feel their best, and fits your specific budget. Our state-of-the-art boarding and grooming facilities are known as the best in the Corona area. Our groomers are committed to professionalism, quality, and kindness, which means your pup or kitty will be treated like a family member throughout their grooming appointment. Your pet will be in the best hands at Chino’s Caring Kennel!

Call Chino’s Caring Kennel today at (909) 627-2212 to make an appointment with the most trusted groomers near Corona!