The suggestions below have been developed to aid in your pet’s adjustment returning home after boarding.

Pets suffer from stress, too - and they have had a very busy & exciting time while away from home. We at Chino's Caring Kennel do everything we can to keep them healthy, clean, safe and content. You can relieve your pet’s stress by following the tips:


• As little as possible to excite your pet
• Give them lots of love and attention - this completes the boarding experience on a relaxed and secure note for both owner and pet
• Watch for any symptoms of illness for 10 days after returning home. Why? Anytime your pet is in close proximity to other animals, there is a chance of exposure to an air-borne virus. We do our best to prevent any exposure, however, monitoring your pet after a “social situation” is always recommended.


• Feed your pet for a few hours after returning home
• Play with your pet rigorously for a few hours after returning home
• Allow your pet to drink an excessive amount of water. Try a bowl of ice cubes! Why? They will be over-excited upon seeing you and returning home. Immediately offering food or water can upset an already excited tummy. Too much too soon may bring on digestive stress (vomiting and diarrhea).

Please let us know immediately of any concerns you may have. Our main concern is to protect your pet in every possible way.