Grooming Service in Chino

Since we first opened for business in 1971, Chino’s Caring Kennel has been providing excellent service to our canine and feline friends in Chino. Because we love the animals and people in our community, we take pride in the fact that we’re a locally owned and operated grooming and boarding business. Our licensed, insured, and bonded business only hires the most compassionate, reliable, and ethical employees, and we are well-known for the unrivaled animal care we provide. We can’t wait to meet you and your pet, so give us a call or stop by today for a tour of our facility!

Chino Grooming Service

If you’re seeking local groomers who truly care about your special pet, search no further than our remarkable grooming service. Your furry friend will be treated to all the custom options you could ever want, and our all-inclusive service menu caters to dogs and cats with special concerns like challenging, hard-to-groom coats, skin conditions, fleas, and more. When you first begin researching local cat and dog grooming, you may be unclear about which one to select. However, it’s important that you find a groomer in Chino that takes an individualized approach to grooming each and every special pet. Chino’s Caring Kennel promises top-notch care for your pet throughout every visit!

For decades, we’ve been grooming dogs and cats of various sizes and breeds. Chino pet parents highly recommend our trusted local service, and our groomers near you enjoy getting to know fellow Chino residents and their wonderful pets. When you bring your pet to be groomed, you can be confident that the results will be flawless. Our team doesn’t have a single groomer who isn’t very experienced, empathetic, and excellent at their work. We’re here to help with everything from simple baths and brushing to complex cuts and medicated baths and beyond! Our Southern California Professional Grooming Association groomers are the best of the best, and we are sure you’ll agree!

We count it as a privilege to give your pet a well-deserved, rejuvenating, and relaxing spa day, including optional services such as:

Flea Control

Spa Packages

Teeth Brushing

Specialty Shampoos & Conditioners for Pets with Skin Conditions

Blueberry Facials


Nail Grinding

And More!

Because pets are unique individuals just like their human family members, no two cats or dogs will have the same grooming needs. We are delighted to offer your pet a customized treatment that fits within your budget, meets all of your concerns, and helps your pet look and feel great. Our boarding and grooming facilities are state-of-the-art, and we are known for providing the finest grooming services in the Chino region. At every grooming visit, our groomers treat pets like their own, with a consistent commitment to great service, excellent care, and the highest level of professionalism. Your pet will be in the best hands at Chino’s Caring Kennel!

Call Chino’s Caring Kennel today at (909) 627-2212 to make an appointment with the most trusted groomers in Chino!