Specialty Diets

Food provided by owners will be given in accordance with owner’s instructions. We feed dry and canned Nature's Select foods, this is available to purchase in our retail shop.


We will administer owner-provided or veterinarian-prescribed medications. There is a $1.00 per trip charge. Insulin charge is $2.00 per injection.


A complete grooming is available for your pet and should be scheduled at time of check-in

Feline Pamper Time

Pamper time is available for your cat - $3.00 per 30-minute personal attention session.

Play Time

Play time is available for your pet during their stay - $3.00 per 30-minute session. Play time allows your pet to spend time in an over-sized play yard safely, with his friends in neighboring play yards.

Daily Walks

Daily Walks (weather permitted) are available for your pet during their stay - $10.00 per 15-minute session.

Non-anesthesia Dental Clinic

Offered once a month - days vary so please call us to find out when our clinic will be at our location. Advanced Pet Services is a Non-Anesthetic dental and veterinary clinic that offers a variety of vaccines and services. Their Non-Anesthetic teeth cleaning are for both cats and dogs and treatment includes a full oral exam while using ultra-sonic scaling and polishing for cleaning your pet’s teeth. They also offer vaccinations for all stages of your pet’s life plus so much more!! All procedures are overseen by a state licensed Veterinarian. All dental cleanings are by appointment only!! Walk-ins welcomed for vaccines and other services.

For more information and/or to schedule a dental cleaning, please call us at (909) 627-2212!!