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When you require professional services for your pet, you only want to trust them to the most experienced pet care providers. At Chino's Caring Kennel, we understand that your pet is an important member of your family, which is why we treat them as if they were part of our family as well. Our knowledgeable team is always standing by to provide your pet with exceptional service. From boarding services to training, and affordable grooming, Chino's Caring Kennel is your one-stop-shop for all of your pet care needs.

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It's not unusual for working pet parents to feel ashamed about leaving their dog home alone for so many hours during the day. At Chino's Caring Kennel, we completely understand how you feel. Dogs are highly social animals that don't like to be isolated from their people. Separation anxiety is not only stressful for your pet, but it can also lead to some severe behavior issues. Dogs that are left at home all day will search for an activity to channel their stress into. That could lead to you arriving back home only to find that your favorite pair of shoes has been chewed up.

Our daycare services are the perfect solution for busy pet parents who don't want to leave their beloved dog alone for hours on end. We will provide your pet with a safe, fun, and engaging place to enjoy their day while you're at work, school, or simply running errands. You can rest easy knowing that your pet will receive the attention they deserve during the day.


If you're looking for a high-quality groomer for your dog or cat, then bring your pet into Chino's Caring Kennel where we will give them the VIP treatment. Our experienced team provides grooming services for all different breeds of dogs and cats.

Does your pet hate trips to the groomer? If you've been staying clear of getting your pet groomed because of bad past experiences, then call our grooming center to make an appointment today. Our staff is highly trained in the art of making even the most anxious pet feel at ease during their much-needed grooming. While some pet grooming companies turn away "problem" clients, we are dedicated to providing all pets with compassion and quality service.

Our full-service dog grooming packages consist of a bath, cut, teeth cleaning, ear cleaning, and nail trim. Even if your pet has a short coat, they could still benefit from a regular visit to the groomers. Regular grooming will not only keep your pet looking their best, ear and teeth cleaning are also vital to your pet's health.

If your pet is due for grooming, contact our office today to schedule an appointment.


Leaving your pet at a kennel when you go away is never easy. Not only will you miss them, but you worry that, in your absence, they won't receive the high level of care that they are used to. Likewise, pets can suffer from separation anxiety when separated from their owner. The good news is that you don't have to put off that trip any more. At Chino's Caring Kennel, not only will your pet receive the highest quality of care, but we are also pros when it comes to making pets feel relaxed while they are away from home.

Our pet boarding amenities have been expertly designed with your pet's comfort and ease in mind. During their stay, they will enjoy a warm, comfortable place to sleep at night, and lots of space to run and play during the day. Doggy guests will have plenty of new friends to play with if they wish to and lots of one-on-one attention from our team members. Visitors of Chino's Caring Kennel are never left to entertain themselves, you can rest knowing that there will always be a dedicated pet care specialist nearby.

Does your animal have special needs? No problem! We will happily allow for pets that have special dietary needs or veterinarian prescribed medications. Additionally, we have access to a veterinarian 24 hours per day, seven days the week, just in case one of our boarding guests has an unexpected health emergency. Our experienced staff is trained to handle any situation that should arise while your pet is in our care.

If your pet has never been a guest at Chino's Caring Kennel in the past, we want to welcome you to visit our Chino location. One of our friendly team members would be happy to give you a tour of our facilities prior to your pet's stay. At our boarding facility, we love ALL pets and happily welcome dogs, cats, birds, and more!


You love your pet, but that doesn't mean that you always love their habits. Whether you have a new puppy at home or if you're hoping to teach your old dog new tricks, our experienced pet trainers are experts when it comes to adjusting unwanted behaviors in dogs of all ages.

Training at Chino's Caring Kennel is greatly different than the classes you'll find at your local pet supply store. At Chino's Caring Kennel, we understand that every dog is different, which is why we do not push a one-size-fits-all solution on our clients. We will make an effort to understand your pet's unique needs and recommend the best course of action for their training plan. Once your training is complete, you and your dog will walk away with newly-discovered confidence.

What Makes Chino's Caring Kennel Chino Different?

Chino's Caring Kennel is not simply another pet kennel. We have over 50 years of experience in the pet service industry. Our commitment to providing all of our clients with top-tier customer service is the reason why we've earned the reputation as Southern California's most trusted pet care provider. From kennel services to pet grooming, the staff at Chino's Caring Kennel is here for everything your pet needs to live their best life. Arrange your visit to one of our facilities today and see for yourself why Chino's Caring Kennel is the best place to turn to for all of your pet care needs.

We now have an online Pet Parents Portal that allows:

  • A speedier check in/out process
  • Ability to view and upload vaccination records
  • View Future and past reservations
  • Cancel and make deposits for existing reservations
  • Ability to save credit cards on file or change them
  • You can contact us through the customer portal
  • Review and sign agreements
  • FUTURE BENEFIT – The ability to book a reservation
BEFORE YOUR FIRST VISIT, you will need to create an account OR log into your existing account that we may have already started for you.

FIRST try using your email or phone number that we would currently have on file to prevent any duplicate accounts. Once logged in, you can begin updating or adding information.

IF YOU ARE NEW TO OUR BUSINESS OR YOU HAVEN’T VISITED IN OVER A YEAR, you will need to create an account and enter as much information as you have available.

Pet Parents Portal

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